According to HSE regulation 18, it is mandatory for organisations to get their industrial doors and shutters inspected and maintained regularly.

According to Regulation# 5 of the Workplace Health, Safety, and Welfare Act 1992, industrial doors/shutters should be in “Efficient Condition”. Meaning working settings along with equipments, including all systems and devices must be fault free and hygienic as they may affect the health safety, or welfare of the workers. Moreover if a potentially dangerous defect is discovered, the employer must immediately repair the defect or take measures to protect individual(s) affected. In other words, it can be stated that all the related equipment must be properly inspected, lubricated, tested, repaired and maintained at regular intervals. This law also applies to all kind of shutter doors/gates and emergency gates no matter if they are electronically operated and powered or not.

Seems like a big responsibility? Not to worry when WMS Entrance Systems is here to provide customised planned maintenance package that goes parallel with your business’s needs at competitive prices.

Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance If you want your industrial doors and loading bay equipment to give you ultra fast performance, then WMS Entrance Systems should be your first choice. We offer extraordinary maintenance and repair services across UK and follow a Proactive Preventive Methodology because we believe in taking measures before the damage is caused. Basically we believe in the philosophy that says, “Prevention is better than the Cure”!

It is always good to check and test your equipments after certain time period because unexpected breakdown may hinder your workflow automatically impacting your bottom line. WMS Entrance Systems Planned Maintenance Program is the solution to all your unwanted and unexpected worries.

  • Monitoring Technology
  • Handling Problems (if any)
  • Monitoring Backup
  • Guarantee No Downtime (Platinum Plan)

Our Proactive Preventive Methodology let you:

  • Focus on your business
  • Decrease the risk of failure
  • Lead to increased performance
  • We have trained professionals and engineers that give you peace of mind that your automated equipment or industrial doors are maintained and work perfectly. If you would like to book us for your industrial doors or want to inquire for any information about our other products, feel free to contact us at our regional WMS Entrance Systems repair & maintenance call centres anytime!