Independent Consultancy

WMS Entrance Systems is a specialised Independent consultancy in every aspect with it covering everything starting from installation to repair and maintenance.

Along with Installation consultancy, we also offer repair maintenance consultancy that helps reduce your project down time and ensure employee & customer safety improving your operational efficiency through innovation.

WMS Entrance Systems Maintenance and Repair solutions are designed to maximise the value of your investment you make with us every time. We don’t have any third party links or trade agreements with external manufactures or suppliers. We believe in being transparent with our clients because our only objective is to serve clients interest in best possible manner.

Additionally operating in unbiased manner with a core dedication towards providing a quality service, makes us most a reliable and trustable consultancy. We make sure that our clients’ queries are resolved and they make informed & budget-saving decisions.

We have the right expertise and resources to assist you in every aspect of security from Industrial door installations & maintenance to operational end user experiences with our automatic access control drivers whenever needed.

We have been working really hard to enhance our customer service experience. We strive hard to keep your doors in good working condition for optimum production and reliable operations.