High-Speed Doors

Attain utmost separation between your business and the elements with door openings provided by WMS High Speed Doors. The key purpose of using high speed door is to create a barrier. In today’s workplace, high speed doors are used as barriers, with employers using them to save energy and save themselves from harm. High-Speed doors at WMS Entrance Systems are broadly classified into two categories: Hi-Speed Belt door and Hi-Speed Run door.

Hi-Speed Belt Doors: Hi-Speed Belt Doors are fuel powered, designed to bear intensive weather conditions in a low noise & environmentally friendly package. Hi-Speed Run Doors: Hi-Speed Run Doors are designed to deliver exceptional safety & operational performance under heavy wind or weather storms. They are usually equipped with a Wireless resistive safety edge at their bottom with a stainless steel exterior for safe handling.

Applicable Industries

  • Light & heavy industries
  • Iron & Steel manufacturers
  • Textile & Engineering
  • Chemical production units
  • Food processing industries