Force Testing for Gates & Barriers

If you want your industrial gates/shutters to perform well and stay smooth, then it is essential to get them force tested twice every year. According to Safety Regulations, every new gate or barrier installed must undergo an officially documented “Force Test and Risk Assessment” to ensure zero-faults. This document allows your business to become and remain compliant with Health-Safety obligations and stay risk free. WMS Entrance Systems offers this Force Testing Service; the purpose of force testing is to check if the pressures produced within the gates/door are within acceptable safety limits as mentioned in the relevant regulation. WMS Entrance Systems provide this service at their own Repair stations under strict supervision of experienced engineers & analysts.

We utilise a specialist force tester to measure & evaluate the forces produced out of automatic gates & traffic barriers. After performing Force Testing Service, clients get a report that lists all wear & tears of the products along with some recommendations.

While Force Testing we take following steps:

  • The gate is examined to measure closing/opening forces.
  • While door opening and closing, the force must be kept under limit as listed in the British/European standards.

The gates must be equipped with sensors like, safety photocells or vehicle detector loops, these sensors helps prevent the gate from closing if someone gets trapped.
The gates must be supplied with emergency release mechanism/call centres in case someone gets detected.

Your WMS Entrance Systems representative is ready to help you when your industrial door/gate requires regular maintenance or repairing.