Automatic Gates

Automatic gates have made our life easier and secure. Automatic gates don’t only help increase levels of security, but add value, comfort and convenience to your construction. At WMS, you will get a variety of automatic gates including Sliding Gates and Security Hinged (Swing), Gates.

Under our Automatic Gates Systems, we have:

Sliding Gates

WMS takes pride in supplying, maintaining, repairing & and the installation of automatic Sliding Gates with a promising efficient security check from both vehicle & pedestrian’s viewpoint, 24 hours a day. These sliding gates can self-operate using effective access control system, swipe cards, push buttons, mobile phone, intercoms or radio transmitters. Sliding gates are typically used to secure a location or unit with remote surveillance cameras.

Most commonly, sliding gates don’t have any natural fulcrum (like the hinges of a swing gate do) which makes it impossible to open it forcefully.

Security Hinged (Swing) Gates and Bi-Fold Gate Systems

In areas where the weather conditions or city conditions change in minutes, swing gates are the best choice when it comes to choosing an entrance system. Today, swing gates have become more of a necessity than a luxury. More and more industrial constructions are using swing style gates to secure their property.

Swing gates provide convenience and security with no need to get out of your vehicle. Swing gates are used to avoid interruption of unauthorised people or animals that may damage the property or goods. WMS offer swing gates in various designs, wheather yourequire one large swing gate or a pair of swing gates. Our Security Hinged (Swing) Gates are always most cost-effective & ultra-secure.

We manufacture a huge portfolio of Security Hinged (Swing) Gates at our production stations under strict supervision. Each of our swing gates fully comply to industry standards.

Security Gate Infills

All kinds of Security Gates can be ordered with WMS for your simple or typical site requirements or specs, architect Design or client branding- Mesh infill, Bar and Mesh Infill, sheet infill or security rated gate infill… and we can and do produce all of these styles.