Automatic Doors

Automatic doors with style and durability lead to RIGHT Entrance

We are living in an era where door automation has become necessary instead of luxury.

In order to fulfil people’ needs with luxury; WMS offers a range of automatic doors including automatic sliding doors, curved sliding, swing and folding doors. We deal in doors that are stylish and convenient for you!


Automatic Sliding Doors

Designed for internal and external applications, our adaptable and sleek sliding doors create functional and welcoming entrances. Our talented professionals add innovative control elements and ensures reliability convenience, and safety.


Curved Sliding

WMS’s Curved sliding doors are a great combination of flexibility, ease, and style. Our especially designed curved sliding doors add value to design conscious places.


Automatic Swing Doors

Our Swing doors provide high safety, design and functionality. WMS offers both full energy and low energy swing doors. We design swing doors that perfectly adapt to environments they are installed in!


Automatic Folding Doors

When you fall short of space, WMS folding doors help you maximise the usage of available space. We offer folding doors ideal for narrow passages, we provide attractive and elegant doors that entirely meet your commercial needs.